The full immersion reading experience

Music for your novel

Imagine reading your favorite ebook while music that fits the mood of the scene you’re reading fills your ears.  Think of it as customized soundtrack, enhancing your book in much the same way a movie score enhances film.  This is the magic of a new application called  Atmosphere.
Immersive reading

Atmosphere is not a pre-programmed playlist, but a series of language rules selecting songs on the fly.  All you do is open your book and read, Atmosphere does the rest.
Join the social will be a place to create your own music playlists to share with other ebook readers, review ebooks and discuss stories.


What’s your pleasure?

Set user preferences like Only play orchestral score, 80’s music, or Author’s picks!, where you hear the music that inspired the author while they were writing the book you’re reading. 


Tune in to reading again!

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